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The choir Ad Libitum

During 2012 the choir  Ad Libitum got a new conductor! Camilla Sjöberg Friman replaced Jörgen Ralphsson,
who has been leading the choir in a meritorious way between 1991-2012, that is for more than 20 years!

Jörgen took over the choir from Per-Anders Sjöberg, and a shorter but important time under Olle Rosin's lead. 
P-A started Ad Libitum in 1968 and accordingly he also conducted the choir for over 20 years!

In a way the circle is now closed, as Camilla is Per-Anders' daugther! The choir have started an
exciting musical journey together with her. Let's hope that she will stay for 20 years too!

Ad Libitum will celebrate 50 years duing 2018!
We have just started to plan for a 50 year Concert during the autumn of 2018!
More info will come!


Would you like to sing with us?

We're looking for experienced singers with good music ear and note reading abilitiy, 
primary male but also sopranos.
Our repertoire covers different genres and we rehearse on Wednesdays 18.30 - 21.30.

Welcome to contact us by an e-mail to:
invalskommitten @

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We publish info on events (in Swedish) and photos from our conserts.


Are you looking for musical entertainment
for a wedding, party, or other event?

The whole choir or a small group is available for this kind of events.
For more information, please send an e-mail to: info @


Upcoming Performances

during 2017 

Sunday December 10

Ad Libitum's Christmas  Concert 

Nisse Landgren, trombon & vocals

Camilla Sjöberg Friman

Göran Friman, piano

Glenn Fransson, base

Jonas Brandt, drums

Missionskyrkan, Linköping


See also the page  Concerts 

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